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To get a schoolbus certificate, one must possess a commercial driver’s license and pass a test. The driver of a schoolbus must also possess a passenger endorsement and as such, must have a clean record. A schoolbus certificate, combined with the schoolbus endorsement allows the holder to drive a schoolbus under all its conditions of occupancy.

A schoolbus endorsement alone is sufficient only to drive an unoccupied schoolbus under the duties of a mechanic or while learning to drive a schoolbus. In order to get this endorsement you must undergo finger-printing and a background check as well as submit a medical exam. After that, one must complete an instructional course and take a written and driving test.

Upon completing the course, you will fill out a State Department of Education Training Certificate T-01 with your instructor. You will present this form when you take your written and driving tests administered by the CHP. Upon successful completion of the exam and behind the wheel tests, CHP will issue a temporary certificate valid for 180 days. They will submit paperwork to DMV and after their review will issue a permanent certificate. 

Upon completion of the written and driving portions, you will receive the endorsement and certificate. The renewal of the certificate is done by 10 hours of renewal teaching, either behind the wheel or classroom, for each 12 month the certificate is held.Type your paragraph here.

A SPAB certificate is the certificate required in order to transport students to and from school-related events. These events include such things as field trips and graduation night trips. SPAB stands for School Pupil Activity Bus. The primary difference between School Bus and SPAB is that First Aid Training is encouraged but not required, SPAB may not operate the amber and warning lights, and that home to school service is not allowed. Please call to obtain more specifics.

As with all schoolbus or transport driving, you must have a license of the class required by the vehicle you’ll be driving. Most of these vehicles require a Class A or Class B for transporting students. You also need the passenger endorsement to whichever license you have.

Once you have the commercial license and the passenger endorsement, contact the “School Bus Officer” at your local CHP area office and ask if they offer the 35-hour SPAB certificate course. (If they don’t, they can refer you to a place that does.) When you apply for the course, you will undergo a background check, finger-printing and medical exam.

After you complete the course, the instructor will sign and give you the State Department of Education Training Certificate T-01,  Then you will be allowed to take the 40-question written test and a driving examination. Upon passing both you will have you will be issued a SPAB certificate, which is good for five years. Every SPAB certificate holder must complete 10 hours of continuing education each year.

School Bus Certificate

SPAB - School Pupil Activity Bus

Youth Bus

A youth bus is a transportation vehicle that drives kids to and from events, but is not necessarily associated with a school. A youth bus, for example, may be employed in the transportation of boy scouts to an event. To get a youth bus certificate, one must submit a recent medical evaluation, be fingerprinted and background checked before completing an instructional course with, at minimum, ten behind the wheel hours and ten classroom instruction hours. After this course, take the signed form of completion to the CHP for the written and driving tests. On must also hold the pertinent class of license and the passenger edorsement. Renewing a youth bus certificate requires two hours of refresher training for every 12 months the certificate is held.

The passenger transportation endorsement is an endorsement necessary to drive certain types of transit vehicles such as buses, farm labor vehicles, paratransit vehicles or other transport vehicles designed to carry more than 8 people including the driver. This is required by those who drive shuttles to and from places, school bus drivers and sometimes even a CDL class driver! To get this endorsement you must schedule an appointment with DMV and pass a written and behind the wheel test. Because this kind of transportation involves being in close proximity to and being responsible for people, sometimes of a vulnerable status (students, seniors, disabled), many crimes, including those not related to driving, are grounds for the refusal of an application or renewal and the revocation of the license.

Class B with Passenger Endorsement

A Bus Driver Training School

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