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A Bus Driver Training School

learn to drive a bus. a positive attitude will drive a positive outcome


For example adding an airbrake endorsement or going from SPAB to   School Bus. Call or email for upgrade pricing.

Each year a school bus driver is required to have an additional 10 hours of training, either in the classroom, behind the wheel or other various in service hours. A youth bus driver requires 2 hours of additional ongoing hours


Class B with Passenger Endorsement             $499.00

-- Add Airbrakes for $59.00 more.

Students are enrolled on a rolling basis. 

SPAB Bus Driver Certification                      $2,250.00

Required: 15 hours classroom and  20 hours behind the wheel. Please note: It is typical to have +/- 60 hours to complete requirements.

Youth Bus Certification                                $1500.00

School Bus Driver Certification                   $2,900.00

State Required: 20 hours classroom and 20 hours behind the wheel. Please note: It is typical to have +/- 65 hours to complete requirements.

Transit Style School Bus: We use Type I Transit style School Buses so that if able to pass tests by CHP, you can operate all vehicles on the road for the class of license that you are looking for.

SPAB: We use the Type I School Bus but cover the School bus warning lights and School Bus lettering for SPAB certification.

Youth Bus Class B: We use 15 passenger vans and certify for home to school. While Class A will also allow for non home to school, by certifying Class B, your special certificate is valid for both.

Please enroll in the classes so that we can set you up on a program. In most cases, the student is able to complete the classroom and driving within 2 months from starting the program. We provide morning, afternoon and evening classes so for flexibility with your schedule.

Calendar of Classes